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Do I fly a flag outside?


It is generally not desirable to fly the flag outdoors when the weather is particularly inclement because exposure to severe winds and rain may damage the flag or the pole on which it is displayed.

How do I fly at half staff?

Half Staff

When flown at half staff: the U.S. flag should be first hoisted to the peak for a moment and then lowered to the half staff position. The flag should be again raised to the peak before it is lowered for the day.

How do I bury a pet?

Send a Gift

If you are burying an animal add a picture, their favorite toy or a picture to the casket. Then a piece of you will always be with them.

How do I remember a pet?


Do something to memorialize the life of the pet. Remember them and honor them.

How do I present a problem?

Be unique

If you are writing a letter about a specific problem (i.e., a teacher's refusal to follow an IEP), present your situation as unique. You want the person who reads your letter to see your problem as different. You want them to think "Wow! We've never had this problem before!"

By presenting your problem as unique, you're trying to avoid "We ALWAYS handle ABC situations this way. We ALWAYS have handled ABC situations this way. We ALWAYS will handle ABC situations this way. We can't make exceptions for you."

How do I write?


A "cooling-off period" allows you to look at your letter more objectively. If you send a letter without allowing for "cooling off" and revision time, you'll probably damage your credibility and your position. Sometimes, this damage is impossible to repair.

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