Color and Perm for Black Hair

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How do I color and perm?

Color and Perm for Black Hair

If you plan on both relaxing or perming and colouring your hair. The rule is; you must never perm a colour, you always colour a perm. What this simply means is that you must always do your colour after your perm. If it's a protein colour, also known as colour glazes, your best to do it the same day as your perm, when the cuticle layers of your hair are more open from the perming process. This way the colour will penetrate deeper into the hair shaft. This is both better for the conditioning befit as well as making the colour last longer. If it's a semi or demi-permanent colour, they also may be done the same day, depending on the condition of your hair. However, for all permanent colour we recommend that you book your appointment a week to 10 days after your perm, no more. This is the best possible timing for colouring relaxed or permed hair, if you wait longer than 10 days, the process of combining these two services becomes much more problematic.



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