After School Snacks

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What do I feed kids?

After School Snacks

The growth rate for most children is significant. It's this growth that makes it so important that kids eat small frequent meals.

It's easy for children to get the nutrition they need by eating several small meals each day. When the foods in the Food Guide Pyramid are divided throughout the day, variety is also enhanced. After school snacks are an important part of this small meal pattern. Whether your kids come right home from school or have after school activities, make sure they know good snack options.

Some ideas include:

dried fruit mixed with sunflower seeds
bagels with peanut butter
low fat cheese and crackers
baby carrots dipped in low fat salad dressing
baked chips, low fat cheese and salsa
popcorn with parmesan cheese
yogurt smoothie
frozen bananas
Healthy snacking is important to good nutrition, so help your kids plan some enjoyable, healthy options.



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