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Should I chew gum?


Avoid blowing and popping gum in the office. Seeing a bubble in an employee's mouth or the chewing and popping of gum can distract and annoy a client who is trying to exchange information. This behavior appears to be very unprofessional and distorts the communication process between employee and client. Furthermore, the popping or cracking sound of gum in the mouthpiece of a telephone should also be avoided since the sound is magnified and may have a negative effect on the caller.



8/5/2006 10:39:25 PM
Shannon said:

Wow - some things should go without saying, and this is one of those things. Sadly, some people were not brought up well, and they do chew gum with their lips open, smak or pop gum, or worse: do so on the telephone. That is just like doing it right in someone's ear.

Some people are not bothered by this behavior, some don't mind too much, and some (many?) are quite annoyed. Having been brought up with manenrs, they tend not to say anything. But that does not mean they will not DO anything. They will take their business somewhere that does not annoy them.


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