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How do I evaluate?


Review and evaluate
Monitor the results of your decision on a regular basis. You may need to make minor changes as you go.
Points to consider:
___Positive and negative results are recorded.
___Other opinions on the results are pursued.

How do I choose?

Make A Choice

In reviewing all the expectations and priorities, a solution can be chosen. But a poor decision is better than no decision. Set up an action plan to achieve your solution.
Points to consider:
___This solution solves the problem.
___This solution is satisfying.
___There is commitment to the decision.
___Checkpoints are in place to indicate when goals are met.

How can I be responsible?

Take Responsibility

Accept responsibility
This step occurs throughout the decision making process. Take pride in the positive outcomes and accept any drawbacks as learning experiences.
Points to consider:
___Future outcomes are anticipated.
___You will continue to apply what you have learned.

How do I start?

Do It!!

Commitment to the plan is required before the action is put into motion.
Points to consider:
___Someone is responsible for each action step.
___Timelines are in place.
___Progress and problems are assessed as required.
___A contingency plan has been considered.

What are my choices?


Brainstorm all the alternatives from the obvious to the insane without any judgements at this time. The more alternatives you have listed, the better the final decision will be preventing impulsive action.
Points to consider:
___Other perspectives on this issue are pondered: allies, opposition, your boss or a consultant.
___List your preferences for how things should be.

How to I begin?

Identify the problem

Brainstorm and think about the problem. Write down everything that you can think of to make sure you know exactly what the problem is. Identifying the problem is the first step to finding a solution.

Are you helping the situation?


Believe in you. Remind yourself that you are worth it and that you can do it. Do it for you and not because someone wants you to or because you think it will please others. Ultimately, you are the only one that has to live with you.

Why should I risk going to far?

Get Support

Tell the supportive people in your life about your goal. People who encourage you even when the times are hard. You may not chose to tell the ones who will criticize your every move. Keep the energy positive and let nothing or no one get you down. Depression or negative energy will set you up for failure.

How should I eat?

Plan your weight loss

Are you still struggling with those ten extra pounds?

Trying to lose those ten pounds may be easier if you have a plan. The key to dealing with your weight is having a positive attitude and good motivation. If you want to lose just for the summer, you may achieve that goal, but may gain it back once summer is over.

Set your weight loss goals to achieve better health, to feel better or to increase your energy. Two key components of any good weight loss plan are activity and good food choices.

For activity, shoot for thirty minutes four to five days each week and choose aerobic exercise--biking, dancing, hiking or walking are good options. You can also pick up exercise in your everyday routine--take the stairs instead of the elevator, park farther away from work or take the dog for a walk.

And when it comes to food choices, pull out the food pyramid and plan your meals with it in mind. The Food Guide Pyramid provides variety, the nutrition your body needs, and a plan you can follow--even when those extra ten pounds are gone.

How do I know what the problem is?

Day By Day

Take it day by day. No one is perfect. If you have a good day, great. If not, then make tomorrow a better one. Do not give in just because you may have one set back.

How do I choose?

Evaluate choices

There are many ways to assess the list of alternatives you have developed: the advantages and disadvantages of each alternative, prioritize each item, develop a criteria matrix, or weigh against consequences. Set a time limit for this stage as it is easy to get bogged down.
Points to consider:
___The alternatives are in line with your goals.
___Evaluate the costs compared to the benefits.

Why should I think about what I say and do?


Don't use time or words carelessly. Neither can be retrieved.

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